FCPA Master Class

Tom Fox delivers a two-day FCPA Master Class unlike any other. The focus of this training session is on the doing of compliance, because it is only in the doing that companies have a real chance of avoiding FCPA liability.

Whether you are a seasoned Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) or someone new to the compliance profession, this session will turbocharge your knowledge on the details of an effective FCPA compliance program.

As one of the leading commentators in the FCPA compliance space, Mr. Fox shares his unique insight to help businesses strengthen their compliance programs. At the conclusion of the FCPA Master Class, you will be able to implement and/or enhance your compliance program.

Highlights of the FCPA Master Class include:

  • Understanding the underlying legal basis for the law, what is required for a violation and how that information should be baked into your compliance program;
  • What are the best practices of an effective compliance program;
  • Why internal controls are the compliance practitioners best friend;
  • How you can use transaction monitoring to not only make your compliance program more robust but as a self-funding mechanism;
  • Your ethical requirements as a compliance practitioner;
  • How to document what you have accomplished;
  • Risk assessments – what they are and how you can perform one each year.

You will walk away from the FCPA Master Class with a clear understanding of what the FCPA is and what it requires; an overview of international corruption initiatives and how they all relate to FCPA compliance; how to deal with third parties, from initial introduction through contracting and managing the relationship, what should be included in your gifts, travel, entertainment and hospitality policies; the conundrum of facilitation payments; charitable donations and political contributions, and trends in compliance. You will also learn about the importance of internal controls and how to meet the strict liability burden present around this requirement of FCPA compliance.

Click here for a detailed copy of the agenda.

The FCPA Master Class will be based on Mr. Fox’s book: Doing Compliance: Design, Create, and Implement an Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Program, a copy of which will be provided to each attendee.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided to all who attend in addition to the continuing education credits that each state approves.

For more information contact Tom Fox via email at tfox@tfoxlaw.com or telephone at 1-832-744-0264.

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