The Compliance Retreat

This one-day Compliance Retreat allows you and your team to think differently about your compliance program while working through a wide range of compliance issues specific to your company, your risk profile, your industry and your culture.

Facilitated by an industry expert, we help you evaluate your existing program, while sharing best practices. And because the facilitator has no vested investment in your existing program, he is able to provide candid and unbiased recommendations for assessing and improving your compliance policies.

At the Compliance Retreat your compliance facilitator will lead discussions about your compliance program; the current structure, risk assessments, audits and outstanding issues at the time. And then based on your maturity, will help lead a discussion based on wide compliance discipline knowledge for steps to consider in shoring up your program. The day ends with an action list, next steps and measurements to evaluate your progress and success.

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If you’re looking for FCPA compliance training, consider joining one of our master classes where you’ll meet other compliance practitioners across the US.

Specific to your company, your risk profile, your industry and your culture, refresh your program in this one-day retreat.