Helping organizations minimize risk

In today’s environment, it’s a mistake to roll out your ethics and compliance policies solely through messaging. As recent cases have demonstrated, companies who are able to show a documented commitment to ethics and compliance training are able to save millions in potential fines when rogue employees choose to break the law.

When not writing compliance policies, codes of conduct or helping global firms conduct international transactions, Thomas Fox is busy educating global stakeholders on the risks of anti-bribery and FCPA non-compliance.

As an engaging speaker, he shares his knowledge across businesses — from Chief Ethics and Compliance Officers to line level employees, helping you and your organization meet the imperative of accountability (corporate and individual) in ethical practices.

An internationally recognized speaker, award-winning author, and well-respected blogger, Mr. Fox has helped numerous organizations improve their compliance. His best practices are thought provoking, practical, sensible and based on global experience.

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Educating teams globally on the obligation to uphold anti-bribery anti-corruption laws.